September 30, 2014

Not so good goodbyes~

I do not know if Jessica was the one who said goodbye, or if SMent was the one who said goodbye to Jessica. We are all by-standers in this situation not knowing of the TRUE reason for leaving. But its just frustrating to see one by one artists from SM are leaving (and we don’t know the TRUE reasons and situations too). 

Maybe it’s SM or maybe it’s the artists, but it’s to hurtful to see members of groups lessen. As they create more groups, the other groups decreases. It hurts fans, but the truth is leaving is INEVITABLE. But, leaving inevitably can be handled by preventive measures or leaving in good terms. 

It alarms me that Jessica leaving SNSD, will ignite members from other groups in SM to leave. I am a Shawol, I worry too and really hope not. We might not know the situation fully, but our hearts hurt. But all we can do is to be thankful that they have been a part of us and that we must continue to support them and heir choices.

SNSD Hwaiting! Sones Hwaiting! 

September 27, 2014

SHINee “I am your boy” jacket shooting and special interview

Thank you for subbing RunningManForYou003!

You have helped the yearning hearts of Shawol!

Lots of love,


September 25, 2014

ELFs x Sungminnie x Kim Saeun

Dear fellow ELFs,

I know some are in shocked about sungmin and his girlfriend but I believe that we, ELFs are matured enough to understand and cheer for them. We should be happy (and I know deep in our hearts we are) that they have special someones already.

We accept the fact that they have their own lives (don’t forget that they are ALL of age already) and that they should be happy too. Maybe starting now, we need to LOVE SUPER JUNIOR OPPAS MORE. This will make them work hard more for us. =]

I admire the fellow ELFs that has the same sentiments with me.

SUJPER JUNIOR hawaiting!




Dear Sungminnie,

We are happy for you! Do not mind the others that has an opposite opinions.  We will still love you and will support you!

SUPER JUNIOR hwaiting!




Dear Sungmin and Kim Saeun,

Have a wonderful happy LOVE <3



September 19, 2014

The Maze Runner


Me and my friend watched The Maze Runner in theaters today. The movie was so unpredictable! I enjoyed it but my body ached because the movie was so intense! I mean, you won’t know what will be next! the twists were just right. They run and got me more curious. Still, there are mysteries (they are saving for the second movie) I loved the movie! Cannot wait for the next one, I even want to read the book. By the way, The cast was also amazing. These stars are to watch for!


Look who I found…


This cutie! Come on~ His character’s name is Minho! His charming and he smiles like => Ki Hong Lee looks like we’re going to watch out for you!